The Story Of Guana Equipment

Where did it all begin?

Guana Equipment is the stay of a journey that started in Costa Rica, passed through New Zealand, toured across the USA, and has kept on going forward since 2019.


But What Exactly Does Guana Mean?

Let us tell you all about it.

Guana is the short word that us Costa Ricans use for the province of "Guanacaste", a beautiful region in Costa Rica with breathtaking beaches, volcanoes and natural parks. It's a place where we feel connected not only to nature, but to ourselves, a place to relax, experience happiness, and explore remote locations.

Our connection, frankly our love for the region, made us choose it as the first component of the name of our brand.

Equipment, as you may imagine, is due to what we make: adventure equipment & gear.


guana equipment roof top tent

How Did It All Begin?

We mentioned it's the story of a journey, one that us founders, Karsten and Gianluca began back in 2019. Two best friends who had traveled around Costa Rica, visiting it's coasts, volcanoes and highest peaks, who then journeyed out to the world and road tripped around New Zealand, hiking the most beautiful peaks and parks, swimming in the kiwi coasts, driving across American roads and even venturing to African savanna's.

guana equipment founders in Costa Rica

We firmly believe that stories are what drive us as humans, the desire to live the story of a lifetime, to have an experience and a memory that will transcend with us.

Our journeys are all different, but when you're on the road, exploring, that's when the best stories are born.

The First Roof Top Tent: The Wanaka

The story of the Wanaka roof top tent comes all the way from New Zealand, from a town called Wanda, where we had the chance to hike to Roy's Peak. One of the most breathtaking views we have ever seen. We had to deal with rain, snow, and a lack of equipment to tackle it.

Yet the thrill of adventure, the will to discover what was on the top kept us going. When we were up there, the skies cleared enough for us to admire the view of the entire valley, mountains surrounding an incredible lake. 

We stayed in Wanaka for a few more days, exploring the town and all the things it had to offer, breweries, coffee shops and parks. We met incredible people, had deep conversations, and one of the best views in our lives.

The place left a big impression on us. Hence why we decided to name our first tent after the place that had been an inspiration for both for many years: a place we would think about to go back to that state of mind of excitement and serenity.

The first tent design was born, a traditional 3 person capacity rooftop tent with an overhang and a covered ladder, ideal to partner with an annex.

We added thicker canvas, YKK zippers, sky windows and a thicker base than most of the other brands in the market.


We wanted quality.

After testing it, we were quite happy, but something was missing: a special feature.

Our Special Annex

As said above, there was something missing, and that's when we designed a bigger, better, more useful annex.

Extra Large Annex Room

You see, traditional annexes are around 78" long, 65" wide and around 75-80" tall.

They're used to store bags, as changing rooms, or to offer coverage when climbing into the RTT.

Ours is bigger: 100" long by 100" wide at the bottom. It comes with an annex floor (removable), three entrance doors with 2 poles each to turn them into awnings and increase the coverage.

Literally one more adult can sleep comfortable inside the annex.

Our First Awning: The Morpho 270

The Morpho Butterly is the most famous butterfly, and probably even the most famous insect in Costa Rica. Two magnificent blue colored wings mesmerize animals and humans alike. It doesn't fly, but it floats with grace through the rainforest, only when the sun is shining bright.

It's delightful, it really is. It's special, not always seen or easy to spot. It tends to live only in the rainforests of Costa Rica or the region, and it when they're adults, they can be as big as to cover the entire face of a human.

We wanted an awning that was easy to set up, of great quality, and at an affordable price. We loved what we were able to design, nothing too special, but practical enough so you can "spread" it open and get coverage from the elements wherever you are. 

The perfect addition to any overlanding or camping trip. An awning inspired in the name of the most beautiful butterfly in the world. An awning for you to sit under and  drink, eat or relax while you share stories about life.

guana equipment founders In Utah

If you want more stories, visit each specific product, you'll be able to read more about the story behind their name. And hopefully, you'll want to write yours after using them.



To craft premium overlanding and camping equipment for adventurers worldwide to explore and write stories about unforgettable journeys both with safety and comfort.



To bring adventurers together, creating memories and sharing stories through the journeys of life.