The Story Of Guana Equipment

How did it all start? What about the name?

What does Guana mean?

Let us tell you all about it.

Who are we? Well, we're a family that has always been interested in camping, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.

We started testing roof top tents after using a Smitty from a friend, and then buying a bigger one a year later. Since it was such a great experience, we recommended them to friends and family, and we ended up testing quite a few different brands.

After owning, testing, recommending, and receiving feedback from pretty much the major household names in the market, we wanted to give it a try ourselves, see how we could improve the tent design and features.

We partnered with a few more experienced campers and overlanders, and things started taking off.

The First Roof Top Tent

The first tent design was born, a traditional 3 person capacity rooftop tent with an overhang and a covered ladder, ideal to partner with an annex.

We added thicker canvas, YKK zippers, sky windows and a thicker base than most of the other brands in the market.


We wanted quality.

After testing it, we were quite happy, but something was missing: a special feature.

Our Special Annex

As said above, there was something missing, and that's when we designed a bigger, better, more useful annex.

Extra Large Annex Room

You see, traditional annexes are around 78" long, 65" wide and around 75-80" tall.

They're used to store bags, as changing rooms, or to offer coverage when climbing into the RTT.

Ours is bigger: 100" long by 100" wide at the bottom. It comes with an annex floor (removable), three entrance doors with 2 poles each to turn them into awnings and increase the coverage.

Literally one more adult can sleep comfortable inside the annex.

Final Test: The Name Guana Was Born

After testing the annex we were satisfied.

So we had an idea: why not go test it in Costa Rica?

We've had some beautiful history with this country, and we decided that testing it under tropical rain, heat, winds and conditions was a good measuring point.

The team went down there, and after a few weeks of road tripping, hiking, walking around amazing trails, driving up muddy and rocky paths to beautiful mountains, camping next to the beach or in the middle of the jungle, we were in love.

Especially with a province called Guanacaste. It has breathtaking beaches, hidden gems everywhere.

And Guana Equipment was born.

guana equipment roof top tent with logo

But wait, it won't end there, because we have a lot of projects coming up in the next months. We're hoping that our line of equipment will grow, and that you can grow with us.